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Social Media

In total, there are over 4.33 billion social media users in the world. Just by reaching out to 10 percent of that figure, you could drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales to your business. It’s mind-blowing, isn’t it? Many people spend hours on social media every day. They form their world views based on what they read and see on the platforms. With social media marketing, your company or brand has limitless opportunities. Your existing and potential customers seek out your brand on these platforms; let us leverage that power.


In the marketing mix for many companies, social media sites such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter play an integral role. Social media content should reflect your brand’s identity and message, preserve your brand’s voice, and be engaging for your target audience.


Social media management starts with a social media audit to find out how your competition is using social media, and determining the social platform(s) where your target demographic interacts. We then develop a detailed social media plan for you that includes KPIs, goals, and a content schedule. Results continue to be measured and adjusted when trends dictate a pivot. The DFS Agency is a leader in killing the social media game.