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Print Marketing

There is still an important place for print media in your marketing toolbox.


Brochures, flyers, direct mailers, doorknockers, and catalogues are still very effective when used at the right time, written the right way, and designed to stand out from the rest of your competition. The DFS Agency gets to know your business needs, and creates an effective media marketing plan based on our evaluation.


Attending a trade show or industry conference?  You’ll need persuasive sales information that combines a focus on benefits, elegantly designed in a way that matches your competitive positioning and communicates competitive strength. Investing in a direct sales team?  Support them with materials that help them communicate and serve as a lasting reminder after the meeting. Trying to get in front of those hard-to-reach prospects?  Direct mailers, doorknockers, and similar collateral, when written and designed, have a better chance of opening the door.


Our work is effective because we start with strategy and develop finished work that reflects the business opportunity you are addressing; an understanding of your target audience/consumer;  and why your customers buy from you instead of your competition.


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