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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising – or Out-of-Home (OOH) – has been around for decades because it works. Technological innovations will only make OOH more effective and easier to implement. You might be surprised to learn that people like outdoor advertisements. They present a welcome interruption from the monotonous highway or a plain building wall. Because people like OOH, they respond to these ads. More than two thirds of people admit OOH is likely to influence a purchase. The same study found that 35 percent of people who see an OOH ad make a purchase.


If you’re looking to engage your audience and drive them toward your brand, OOH is a great addition to your toolbox.


OOH is perfect for brands who are not looking to spend a lot of money on advertising. Ads are often measured in CPM (cost per thousand impressions), and OOH consistently delivers the same audience at a lower rate—between $3 and $8. Clearly, outdoor advertising is cost-efficient—you pay less and you get more. However, OOH also improves the reach of your other marketing campaigns. For instance, adding outdoor ads to your media plan can increase the reach of TV ads by 18 percent and mobile ads by a whopping 316 percent.


OOH is the great equalizer; it has great potential to help on its own, but it also boosts the reach of your other marketing efforts and helps you reach more people in total.